The campaign to make Australia safer when it comes to drugs

The Take Control Campaign is a new movement of people who want to make Australia safer when it comes to drugs.

The campaign has been launched by the Ted Noffs Foundation, Australia's largest provider of drug and alcohol treatment services for young people. The Foundation strives to help disadvantaged young people become advantaged and supports them on their journey to take back control of their lives.

With community support, the Take Control Campaign aims to change the conversation surrounding drugs and drug use in Australia. Through our common sense plan, we are demanding governments take control of the issue and fix our broken drug laws.

Decades of failed drug policy have resulted in unnecessary suffering. We have a secret and chaotic black market run by criminals and gangs. We have no control.

Despite the best efforts of our police forces, for every drug dealer we catch, more simply start and operate with impunity.

Any teenager can get drugs easily. People who use drugs can’t be sure what they are taking. Innocent young people who are just experimenting can buy themselves a death sentence.

Worst of all, it’s often hard for people with problems to access help because they're treated like criminals.

This is because our governments refuse to take control of drugs.

Parents need greater tools and strategies to help their kids cope with the challenges of modern life.

It’s not good enough to put our heads in the sand and tell our kids to “just say no”. It doesn't work.

It's time to end the fear tactics. It's time to end the marketing gimmicks. People need real resources to reduce the harms associated with drug use.

Our state and federal governments need to work together to get drug use under control by putting health and safety first.

Here's our common sense plan for safer, saner drug laws that put health and safety first:

Roll out pill testing services nationally to reduce harm at music festivals and parties

Expand treatment services for people suffering from drug problems

Establish more drug monitoring rooms to save lives and improve communities

Enhance engagement services for disadvantaged young people

End criminal charges that make getting help harder and ruin young lives for minor possession of illicit drugs

Join the movement for safer, saner, drug laws