Our drug laws are hurting our kids

We can get drugs under control by putting health and safety first.

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Our drug laws are hurting people.

  •    Young people can get drugs easily and don’t know what they’re taking.

  •    Lives are being ruined with severe criminal charges for minor possession.

  •    Despite dealers being caught every day, more simply replace them.

  •    It’s hard for people with problems to get help because they’re treated like criminals.

This is because our governments leave drugs to an uncontrollable black market.
We need to take back control with safer, saner drug laws.

Here's our common sense plan for safer, saner drug laws that put health and safety first:

Roll out pill testing services nationally to reduce harm at music festivals and parties

Expand treatment services for people suffering from drug problems

Establish more drug monitoring rooms to save lives and improve communities

Enhance engagement services for disadvantaged young people

End criminal charges that make getting help harder and ruin young lives for minor possession of illicit drugs